Simplewall Keygen is an open source and free firewall application for Windows that provides enhanced network security, privacy and traffic control compared to the default Windows firewall. With its intuitive interface and tiny resource footprint, Simplewall makes it easy to manage which apps can access the network and block unwanted connections.

What is Simplewall Keygen?

Simplewall Free download is a lightweight, yet powerful firewall designed specifically for the Windows operating system. Developed as an open source project on GitHub, Simplewall gives users fine-grained control over inbound and outbound network connections using customizable rules.

It functions similarly to the built-in Windows Firewall, but includes additional functionality for analyzing network activity and blocking traffic by country, IP address or domain. Simplewall integrates seamlessly with Windows services to provide efficient monitoring and blocking capabilities.

Some key features of Download free Simplewall include:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Application-based connection blocking/allowing
  • Monitor network activity in real-time
  • Ban connections by IP, domain or country
  • Restrict which apps can access the internet
  • Open source code that is continually updated
Simplewall Keygen

How Does Simplewall Work?

Simplewall monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic on a Windows computer and allows or blocks connections based on configured rules.

The firewall runs as a Windows service in the background with a very small footprint so it does not drain system resources. Users can create custom rules to allow or block traffic for specific applications or IP addresses.

For example, you can set a rule to block the Spotify app from accessing the network. Simplewall will then automatically block any connections Spotify attempts to make. Rules can also be based on traffic direction, port, protocol and more.

The activity monitor shows network connections in real-time so you can see precisely how apps are accessing the network. All events are also logged for auditing.

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Key Benefits of Using Simplewall

There are many advantages to using Simplewall over the standard Windows firewall:

  • Improved privacy – Block access to apps and websites that may track or profile you. Prevent connections to advertising and analytics domains.

  • Better security – Tighten control over malware, ransomware and viruses by restricting network access. Block traffic from suspicious locations.

  • Faster performance – Simplewall has a tiny footprint so it uses barely any RAM or CPU compared to Windows Firewall.

  • More control – Configure precise rules for individual apps instead of broad permissions. Monitor real-time traffic.

  • Open source transparency – Simplewall is open source so its code is visible and auditable for security.

  • Works with Windows – Seamlessly integrates with Windows services for efficient monitoring and blocking.

How to Download and Install Simplewall

Downloading and installing Simplewall is quick and easy:

  1. Just click the download button.

  2. Choose between the standard or portable version. The portable version can run from a USB without installing.

  3. Open the downloaded EXE file and follow the prompts to install Simplewall.

  4. After installation, Simplewall will run minimized in the system tray. Double click to open the interface.

  5. Allow Simplewall through the Windows Firewall when prompted so it can monitor traffic.

Once installed, Simplewall will immediately begin blocking connections according to a default ruleset until customized rules are defined.

Walkthrough of the Simplewall Interface

The Simplewall interface is cleanly designed for easy navigation:

  • Activity Monitor – Displays real-time network connections from apps on your system. Use filters to monitor specific events.

  • Rules – Create customized rules to block or allow traffic by application, IP, domain and other filters. Rules can be exported/imported.

  • Profiles – Save different groups of rules that can be switched between for different scenarios.

  • Settings – Configure various options like password protection, notifications, updates and more.

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Creating Custom Rules in Simplewall

Creating application, domain, IP and other kinds of traffic rules is straightforward:

  1. Go to the Rules tab.

  2. Click Add Rule.

  3. Select Block or Allow for the action.

  4. Choose the traffic direction: Inbound, Outbound or Both.

  5. Select the type of rule: Application, Domain, IP, etc.

  6. Enter the app name, domain, IP ranges or other criteria to filter.

  7. Click Add Rule.

For example, to block the News app from accessing the network, create an outbound block rule for the News application name. Simplewall makes it easy to precisely control app network access.

Monitoring Traffic with Simplewall

The built-in activity monitor provides powerful real-time monitoring:

  • View all network events like connections, blocked connections, DNS queries etc.

  • Use the Type dropdown to show only specific event types.

  • Click on an event to see detailed information like the process, executable path, IP addresses and more.

  • Search for events involving specific apps, domains, IPs and other criteria.

  • Export log files in multiple formats like PDF, CSV and HTML for auditing.

Simplewall’s extensive monitoring capabilities help identify suspicious traffic and troubleshoot network issues.

Simplewall Settings and Configuration

Simplewall Full version crack provides many settings for customizing its behavior:

  • General – Set startup behavior, UI language, updates and password protection.

  • Notifications – Configure popup notifications for blocked connections and events.

  • Rules – Adjust default action to allow/block all unhandled traffic.

  • Logs – Change log file paths, naming and log rotation limits.

  • Windows Services – Manage Simplewall’s background services like the firewall.

Adjust these settings to tune Simplewall Keygen for the best performance and protection.

Using Simplewall Profiles

Profiles are a handy way to save and switch between different rulesets:

  • Create multiple profiles for scenarios like Home, Work, Travel etc.

  • Build custom rulesets for each profile tailored to that environment.

  • Quickly switch between profiles from the top right profile dropdown.

  • Changes made to rules apply only to the active profile.

Profiles allow you to seamlessly adapt Simplewall’s behavior as your surroundings change.

Simplewall Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to boost Simplewall’s functionality:

  • Enable auto block of known malicious sites by using Simplewall’s malware IP/domain databases.

  • Schedule periodic ruleset exports to backup your settings.

  • Sort rules by dragging and dropping for better organization.

  • Check the highways option to allow traffic from non-standard ports.

  • Import rulesets from another install or online to jumpstart configuration.

  • Enable Simplewall’s GEO IP database to block entire countries if desired.

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Simplewall vs Windows Firewall

While Windows Firewall provides basic protection, Simplewall Keygen offers superior control and security:

  • Simplewall has a vastly smaller performance impact.

  • Application-based rules offer more granular blocking compared to Windows Firewall’s broad permissions.

  • Real-time traffic monitoring provides greater visibility into network activity.

  • Windows Firewall lacks options like country blocking, custom profiles, detailed logging etc.

For the extra functionality, expert Windows users often find Simplewall well worth switching to.

Troubleshooting Issues with Simplewall

Some common issues and solutions:

  • No internet access – Check that Simplewall was allowed through Windows Firewall. Try resetting rules to default.

  • App not working – That app likely needs an inbound/outbound allow rule for its traffic.

  • Simplewall crashes – Try rebooting and reinstalling the latest version. Reset app data if needed.

  • Websites won’t load – Try whitelisting related domains/IPs or disabling domain blocking.

  • VPNs blocked – Add allow rules for your VPN program’s executable files.

For additional help, visit Simplewall’s forum community of users and developers.


Simplewall puts powerful, customizable firewall capabilities and network insights in a free, open source package. With robust features beyond Windows Firewall, it’s a top choice for experts seeking enhanced Windows security, privacy and traffic control.

Using Download free Simplewall’s intuitive interface, you can easily restrict app network access, monitor activity, block countries and domains and configure precise rules tailored to your specific environment.

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