Data loss can happen unexpectedly from hardware failure, accidental deletion, file corruption, ransomware, natural disasters, and more. Without proper backups, important data and memories may be gone forever.

iBeesoft DBackup Activation key is a powerful and easy-to-use backup software that provides comprehensive protection for your files. In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using iBeesoft DBackup to back up your Windows or Mac computer and external devices.

What is Free download iBeesoft DBackup Activation key?

iBeesoft DBackup Activation key is a data backup and recovery software that allows you to easily back up files, folders, partitions, system, and external devices. It supports full, incremental, and differential backup types for flexible backup strategies.

With iBeesoft DBackup you can:

  • Back up files, entire partitions or do a full system backup.
  • Backup external storage devices like USB drives, SD cards.
  • Schedule automatic backups daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Backup open and locked files that are normally in use.
  • Save previous file versions for restoration.
  • Split large backup files across multiple removable media.
  • Encrypt and compress backups for security and storage efficiency.

It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012. A Mac version is also available for macOS 12 Monterey down through OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

ibeesoft dbackup Activation key

How Download free iBeesoft DBackup Activation key Works

The backup process with Full version crack iBeesoft DBackup Activation key involves just 3 simple steps:

  1. Select data to backup – Choose which files, folders, drives or system to backup. The intuitive interface makes it easy to see everything on your system and external devices.

  2. Customize backup settings – Configure options like compression, encryption, splitting, and schedule. You can even backup open or locked files.

  3. Choose backup destination – Save backups locally, externally, or to the cloud. The software supports an array of storage options.

Backups can be done manually or scheduled to run automatically on daily, weekly or monthly intervals. You can also choose between full, incremental or differential backup types depending on your needs.

Full backups capture everything specified in the backup job. Incremental backups only backup new or changed files since the last backup. Differential backups capture changes since the last full backup.

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Key Features and Benefits of iBeesoft DBackup

Powerful Backup and Recovery Functionality

iBeesoft DBackup makes it easy to fully backup your system and files or recover previous versions and deleted files when needed.

  • File backup – Back up specific files and folders.
  • System backup – Complete backups of partitions, drives, system or disk images.
  • Backup scheduling – Schedule automatic daily, weekly or monthly backups.
  • Open file backup – Back up normally in-use files.
  • External device backup – Backup external USB drives, SD card and other devices.
  • Previous version restore – Recover previous versions of changed or deleted files.
  • Disk imaging – Disaster recovery capable drive imaging.
  • Deleted file recovery – Retrieve accidentally deleted files.

Customization and Optimization Features

Tweak backups using compression, encryption, file exclusions, splitting, and other useful options.

  • Compression – Save storage space by compressing backup files.
  • Encryption – Password protect backups for enhanced security.
  • Split backups – Automatically split larger backups across multiple destinations.
  • File exclusions – Exclude specific file types or folders from backups.
  • Deduplication – Eliminate duplicate data to save space on backups.

Broad Compatibility

iBeesoft DBackup supports most Windows and macOS versions, as well as a wide array of storage destinations.

  • OS compatibility – Windows 7 through Windows 11 and macOS 10.9 to 12.x.
  • Local and external backups – Backup to local drives, external HDDs, USB drives.
  • Cloud backups – Backup to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • Removable media – Span large backups across multiple CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Backing Up Different Devices and Operating Systems

One of the best things about iBeesoft DBackup is the broad device and operating system compatibility. Here are some tips for backing up different devices:

Windows PCs

For Windows PCs, you can back up:

  • Files and folders
  • System drives, partitions, and disk images
  • External USB drives and SD cards
  • Open/locked files like Outlook PST files

Schedule automatic daily or weekly backups to capture changes. Use full, incremental, or differential backup types based on preference. Store backups locally or externally.

Mac Computers

To backup a Mac computer or laptop, iBeesoft DBackup lets you:

  • Backup selected files, folders or the entire system.
  • Schedule timed backups to run automatically.
  • Save backups locally or to external drives.
  • Backup open Apple Mail email database files.

For Macs, focus on full system backups and file backups of important data like documents and media files.

External Drives

You can use iBeesoft DBackup to fully backup external devices like:

  • External hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • SD cards
  • Digital cameras
  • MP3 players

Backup external devices regularly in case they fail or are lost or stolen. Store the backups locally or on another external drive.

Smartphones and Tablets

While Download free iBeesoft DBackup does not directly back up phones and tablets, you can:

  • Back up media files and documents transferred from phones/tablets to a PC or Mac.
  • Use the software to backup external SD cards from mobile devices.

This provides protection for important mobile photos, videos, music, and other files.

How to Restore Files from iBeesoft DBackup Free download

A key benefit of Full version crack iBeesoft DBackup is simplified recovery of backed up files. Here is an overview of the straightforward restore process:

  1. Open iBeesoft DBackup and browse your backups.

  2. Select the specific backup set you want to restore from based on date.

  3. Choose which files or folders to restore and pick a restore destination.

  4. Click the Restore button and your files will be retrieved!

You can restore previous versions of files to roll back changes or recover accidentally deleted files. iBeesoft DBackup Activation key makes data recovery quick and easy.

Some tips for smooth file restoration:

  • Verify backups before deletion to ensure they are valid.
  • Know exactly which files need restoration before starting.
  • Restore to a safe location first before moving files back to original spot.
  • Contact technical support if major restore issues are encountered.
ibeesoft dbackup Activation key


Protecting your data is critical with the growing risk of catastropic data loss. iBeesoft DBackup Activation key delivers rock-solid backup and recovery capabilities that consumers and businesses can rely on.

With powerful functionality, broad device and operating system compatibility, intuitive interface, and top-notch performance, iBeesoft DBackup is an exceptional backup software for Windows and Mac. Use it to automatically backup important files, external drives, and full system images on schedule.

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