InPage is a popular word processing software widely used in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh for typing and publishing in native languages. It utilizes a proprietary typing technology allowing easy typing phonetics from the keyboard.

InPage Professional Full version crack is an enhanced version of InPage with additional features for more advanced word processing capabilities. It supports multiple languages like Urdu, Persian, Pashto as well as English out of the box.

Key Features of InPage Professional

InPage Professional Activation key includes a robust set of functionality for creating professional documents, including:

InPage Professional Activation key

Advanced Page Layout

  • Column formatting – Create newsletters, magazines pages etc with ease
  • Text wrapping – Flow text arround images and shapes
  • Sections breaks – Divide documents into logical sections
  • Visual page layout tool – Intuitive drag and drop interface

Enhanced Editing Capabilities

  • Find and replace across documents
  • Drag and drop text blocks for rapid editing
  • Revision marking shows all edits made by collaborators
  • MathML equation support – Include complex equations

Templates and Styles

  • Professionally designed templates for reports, proposals letters etc
  • Over 200 ready to use text styles, reducing formatting effort
  • Style sets for instant formatting look and feel

Microsoft Word Support

  • Retains formatting for paragraphs, fonts, lists etc when importing
  • Improved compatibility for exporting documents to Word file formats

Graphics and Table Capabilities

  • Insert and edit images, charts, shapes within documents
  • Complex multi-row/column tables with advanced styling options
  • Anchor images/charts to flow with text as paragraphs change

Mail Merge

  • Link documents to Excel/ODBC data sources
  • Generate personalized documents like letters, envelopes, labels

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Macros and Scripting

  • Record and replay sequences of commands as macros for automation
  • Script complex tasks using InPage’s built-in scripting language

Collaboration Tools

  • Real time collaboration for teams editing documents concurrently
  • Commenting, version history with roll-back functionality
  • Restrict editing by user role (editor, reviewer etc)

Where Does InPage Professional Activation key Provide the Most Value?

While InPage Professional Download free includes a wide array of functionality, it’s most beneficial for:


Students working on research papers, university thesis reports can take advantage of enhanced page layout, cross-referencing tools, equation capabilities and bibliography management.

Publishers and Printers

For publishing magazines, newspapers, books in local languages, the advanced capabilities like multi-column text, text wrapping, color separation and PDF exporting provide significant value.

InPage Professional Activation key is widely used in courts and legal offices in South Asia. The Unicode support in InPage Professional Free download allows drafting documents and laws in English as well as national or regional languages.


Templates, charts, mail merge and macros significantly increase productivity for common business documents like proposals, reports, newsletters, personalized mass mailings etc.

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Benefits Over Standard InPage Professional Activation key

While standard InPage allows typing and printing in native languages, InPage Professional Full version crack takes it to the next level with:

  • Increased Productivity – Templates, styles, macros and collaboration tools increase efficiency allowing creating more professional documents faster
  • Enhanced Compatibility – Retains formatting better when importing from Word and exporting to Microsoft file formats
  • Advanced Publishing – From multi-column text, captions, indexes to color separation, professional publishing is easier
  • Power user capabilities – Macros, scripting, revision control and restrictions by user role cater power users
  • Up to date – Support for latest operating systems and Unicode standards

Pricing and Availability

InPage Professional Download free is licensed on a perpetual basis (not a subscription) with following options currently:

License Type Price
Single user $30
5 user $125
10 user $200
Site license $500

And it’s available from our site

It works on Windows 7 or higher PCs with minimum 2GB RAM and requires one-time online activation post install.


InPage Professional Activation key significantly enhances the core typing and page layout capabilities in standard InPage. With its advanced features, Unicode support, design tools and interoperability, it enables creating more professional documents with higher productivity.

It delivers the most value for research students, publishers, government agencies and growing businesses who publish a variety of documents in local languages and can benefit from its advanced capabilities.

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