Aomei WinFREGUI Crack is a free and user-friendly partition management software for Windows. Developed by Aomei Technology, it provides a powerful yet easy way to manage your computer’s hard drive partitions and volumes.

With Aomei WinFREGUI, you can easily perform various partition operations like resizing, splitting, merging, migrating, cloning, formatting, deleting, and more without causing data loss. It supports multiple file systems including NTFS, FAT32, EXT2/3/4, and Linux Swap.

Key features and benefits:

  • Free partition manager for Windows PCs
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Comprehensive partition management features
  • Advanced capabilities like SSD alignment, SSD cloning, bootable media creator
  • Safe operations ensure no data loss
  • Supports Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server versions

Whether you want to resize a partition to dual boot Linux, convert your HDD to GPT for EFI/UEFI booting, migrate your OS to an SSD, or manage your hard drive partitions for any other use case, Full version crack Aomei WinFREGUI can handle it with ease.

Downloading and Installing Aomei WinFREGUI Crack

To get started with Aomei WinFREGUI Crack, first download the latest version from our site:

System requirements:

  • Windows 11/10/8/7
  • At least 1 GB RAM recommended
  • 200 MB free disk space

Installing is quick and straightforward:

  1. Double click the downloaded WinFREGUI.exe file
  2. Accept the license agreement
  3. Choose a destination folder to install to
  4. Click Install and wait for the process to complete
  5. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI from the start menu
aomei winfrgui Crack

Aomei WinFREGUI User Interface Walkthrough

When you first launch Download free Aomei WinFREGUI, you’ll see a straightforward and neatly organized user interface:

It has four main sections:

  • Disk View – Visual representation of all connected disks and their partitions
  • Partition Management – Tools for operations like create, delete, format, convert, wipe, align partitions
  • Basic Features – Quick actions like explore, resize/move, copy, create, delete, format, convert
  • Disk Tools – Advanced tools like clone, verify, migrate OS, convert dynamic disk, surface test

The top menu provides access to all features and also has options to select what devices to show in the disk view.

Under View Settings, you can customize the UI to enable/disable the disk map, file explorer pane, hide unallocated space, and more.

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Core Features and Functions

Aomei WinFREGUI Free download equips you with all the partition management features you need:

Disk Partitioning

  • Create partitions on a drive
  • Delete existing partitions
  • Format partitions to NTFS, FAT32, EXT2/3/4
  • Hide and unhide partitions
  • Change drive letters and labels
  • Set active partition
  • Create new simple or spanned volumes
  • Convert between GPT and MBR

Volume Management

  • Extend a volume (add unallocated space to increase partition size)
  • Shrink a volume to free up space for new partitions
  • Merge two adjacent partitions into one volume
  • Split a volume to create two separate partitions
  • Explore files and folders within a volume
  • Check a volume for errors
  • Change volume label

SSD Optimization

  • SSD alignment to optimize performance
  • TRIM & disable defrag for SSDs
  • SSD cloning and migration of OS to SSD
  • Secure erase SSD drive

Disk Maintenance

  • Surface test checks HDD for bad sectors
  • Initialize disk to MBR or GPT
  • Create new simple dynamic disk
  • Convert dynamic disk back to basic

Advanced Features

  • Create WinPE bootable media
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Make partition active
  • Allocate free space
  • Convert primary to logical
  • Create/delete extended partitions
  • Initialize disk
  • View disk properties
  • Preview changes before applying
  • Support for Linux partitions

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Step-by-Step: Common Partition Management Tasks

Let’s go through some examples of how to use Download free Aomei WinFREGUI Crack for common partition management tasks:

Safely resize partitions

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Right click partition you want to resize
  3. Select Resize/Move Partition
  4. Drag the slider or enter new size
  5. Click OK and Apply changes

Merge two partitions

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Shift-select two adjacent partitions
  3. Click Merge Partitions above
  4. Click Apply to merge partitions

Split a partition

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Right click partition to split
  3. Select Split Partition
  4. Enter size to split to
  5. Click OK and Apply

Change drive letter

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Right click partition
  3. Select Change Letter
  4. Choose new letter
  5. Click OK and Apply

Convert GPT to MBR

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Right click disk to convert
  3. Select Convert to MBR Disk
  4. Check warning and click OK
  5. Click Apply

Migrate OS to SSD

  1. Launch Aomei WinFREGUI
  2. Select Migrate OS to SSD
  3. Select source and destination drives
  4. Click Next to perform migration

Advanced Operations in Aomei WinFREGUI Full version crack

Aomei WinFREGUI Crack provides advanced partition management capabilities beyond the basics:

Clone a disk or partition

Creating an exact copy of your disk or a partition can be done with the Clone Disk feature:

  1. Select Clone Disk tool
  2. Choose source disk/partition
  3. Select destination disk
  4. Adjust clone options
  5. Click Next to clone data

Convert disk from basic to dynamic

Dynamic disks allow creating volumes across multiple disks:

  1. Right click target disk
  2. Select Convert to Dynamic Disk
  3. Check warning message
  4. Click OK then Apply

Create a WinPE bootable disk

WinPE gives you access to partitioning tools before Windows loads:

  1. Select Tools > Create WinPE Bootable Disk
  2. Choose ISO or USB drive output
  3. Select plugins to include
  4. Click Build to create media

Fix boot issues

Tools like rebuilding MBR can resolve boot problems:

  1. Select Rebuild MBR
  2. Select the drive to rebuild MBR for
  3. Click Apply to rebuild MBR

Working with Linux partitions

Aomei WinFREGUI Crack fully supports EXT2/3/4 and Swap partitions allowing dual booting Linux.

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Backing Up and Restoring Partitions

To protect your data against disaster, use the backup and restore features:

To backup a partition:

  1. Select Backup Partition in the Tools section
  2. Choose source partition
  3. Select destination for image file
  4. Choose backup options
  5. Click Proceed to create backup image

To restore a backup image:

  1. Select Restore Partition in the Tools section
  2. Choose the backup image file
  3. Select the destination partition to restore to
  4. Check options and click Proceed to restore

You can also create a backup schedule for automatic, incremental image backups.

aomei winfrgui Crack


Aomei WinFREGUI Crack offers an excellent free solution for efficiently managing your disk partitions and volumes on Windows. With its consistent and proven technology, intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and reliable performance, both novice and advanced users can easily handle all their partition management tasks.

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