Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key: Achieving Cinematic Depth of Field in After Effects

Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key is a powerful After Effects plugin that creates realistic depth of field effects by analyzing differences between frames in a sequence to generate depth maps. This allows for advanced post-production techniques like selective focus and depth-aware compositing.

Overview of Full version crack Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key

Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key utilizes proprietary algorithms to calculate the depth information in footage and isolate foreground and background elements based on their distance from the camera. The generated depth data can then be leveraged to apply custom depth of field effects right within After Effects.

Key capabilities include:

  • Generate depth maps from image sequences
  • Separate focus distance and depth of field controls
  • Distance-based depth of field with precision control
  • Customizable depth blur shapes
  • Support for depth mattes and alpha channels
  • GPU acceleration for faster processing


  • Saves time over manually creating depth in After Effects
  • Allows depth effects that would be complex to produce otherwise
  • Integrates well into existing AE workflows
  • Wide compatibility with media types
  • Creatively apply selective focus and bokeh looks
Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key

How Depth Scanner Works

Depth Scanner examines an image sequence, tracking patterns between frames to deduce spatial relationships and distances from the camera position.

It utilizes optical flow analysis, studying apparent motion and distortion differences across the sequence to determine which elements are farther away or closer up. These depth calculations are then translated into channels that After Effects recognizes as depth mattes and depth maps.

From there, the resulting depth information can drive powerful depth of field effects, as well as depth-based post processes like haze and depth matte extractions.

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Depth Scanner is cross-platform, supporting both Windows and Mac OS. It works in After Effects CC and newer versions. Compatible media includes:

  • Image sequences
  • Video files and image sequences from video
  • Render passes from 3D software
  • Digital photographs or timelapse sequences
  • Drone footage

As long as footage contains discernible changes between frames that reveal spatial relationships, Depth Scanner can analyze it to generate depth. Footage with static cameras or subjects may not have enough motion cues to properly calculate depth.

Workflow for Depth Scanner

Here is an overview of the typical Depth Scanner workflow:

  1. Import Media: Bring your sequence of images/frames into an After Effects project. Aim for at least 30+ frames.

  2. Depth Analysis: With footage selected, launch the Depth Scanner interface. Choose your desired analysis settings like accuracy and smoothing. Click “Compute Depth” to run depth calculation.

  3. Adjust Depth: Check the resulting depth map. Use Depth Scanner’s tools to refine if needed to address any artifacts or inaccuracies.

  4. Add Depth of Field: Enable Depth of Field effect in After Effects using the calculated depth map as the input. Customize focus point, intensity and shape parameters.

  5. Export: Render out your final shot with depth of field applied.

Quick Start Guide

For a basic depth scan:

  • Import 30+ frame sequence
  • Accept default scan settings
  • Click Compute Depth
  • Enable Depth of Field effect
  • Set focus point distance

Creative Uses

The depth information from Aescripts Depth Scanner Free download unlocks a variety of creative applications:

Selective Focus

Mimic the bokeh and focus falloff of cinema lenses based on distance from camera. Draw attention to characters or objects by selectively blurring the background.

Z-Space Compositing

Composite 3D elements like set extensions based on real world depth data from footage. Use depth maps to integrate them more realistically.

Depth Mattes

Use scanned depth to quickly generate mattes separating close, mid and far distance elements without tedious rotoscoping.

Augmented Reality

For AR workflows, Aescripts Depth Scanner Download free depth data can properly set focus points and depth of field in mixed reality compositions.

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Customizing Depth Effects

While Download free Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key handles the depth generation, you have extensive control within After Effects over how depth is used creatively:

Focus Point

Set the focus distance and attenuation rate. Focus falloff can be gradual or shifted to more abruptly blur background elements.

Depth Intensity

Control strength of depth-based blur intensity. Go for subtle selective focus or push it for intense bokeh effects.

Blur Shape

Customize the iris shape of the depth aware blur. Modulate properties like curvature, blades, rotation and noise.

Near/Far Range

Limit depth-based effects to only certain distance ranges, like the foreground or background regions. Use depth mattes to isolate sections.

Optimizing Scans

When working with challenging source footage, there are a few steps that can improve depth extraction:

Refine Analysis Settings

Increase the number of analysis passes for improved accuracy at a trade off of longer computation time. Adjust smoothness levels if necessary to reduce depth map noise. Consider analyzing only a sequence subsection if processing full clips becomes unwieldy resource-wise.

Mask Problem Areas

Use garbage mattes to exclude complex foreground elements or busy background regions from skewing depth calculations.

Supplement With Other Depth Tools

Try using the native After Effects Lens Blur on regions Aescripts Depth Scanner Free download struggles with. Combining multiple depth generation techniques is an option for tricky shots.

For best performance, we recommend at least 16 GB RAM and a high-end Nvidia GPU. Analysis and depth of field rendering will utilize the GPU for faster speeds.

Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key


Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key brings professional-level depth based post effects into After Effects through a straightforward workflow. It expands creative options for integrating 3D, building multi-layer scenes, and stylizing real footage with cinema style depth and focus. Automating the complex process of calculating true depth from sequence footage saves tremendous amounts of time and unlocks new creative possibilities.

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