CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key is the premium version of the world’s most popular PC cleaning utility. With over 2 billion downloads to date, CCleaner is trusted by consumers and tech experts worldwide to deeply clean Windows computers and web browsers.

The Professional Plus edition goes beyond the basics with advanced features like automatic cleaning, drive wiper, real-time monitoring, and premium support. It’s the ultimate tool to speed up slow PCs, protect your privacy, and keep devices in tip-top shape.

CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key key features:

  • Cleans browser junk – caches, cookies, history
  • Removes Windows clutter – temp files, registry issues
  • Speeds up computers by freeing up HDD space
  • Wipes drives to permanently delete sensitive files
  • Schedules and automates cleaning
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring detects new changes
  • Automatic updates keep it running smoothly
  • Priority customer support options

How CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key Cleans Your PC

The base functionality of CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key focuses on scanning your Windows PC to locate and remove unnecessary clutter and junk files.

It digs deep to clear out browser caches, cookies, and browsing history. CCleaner also wipes temporary files, downloaded program files, log files, and other system clutter that accumulates over time. Removing these residual files can free up substantial storage space and eliminate issues that slow down computer performance.

The tool also uninstalls programs you don’t use anymore and cleans up the registry to fix errors that can impact stability. Overall, CCleaner Professional Plus Free download provides a much more comprehensive clean than using Windows tools alone. Just a single click can give your computer a thorough deep cleaning.

Ccleaner Professional Plus Serial key

Advanced Features of CCleaner Professional

Beyond the core junk cleaning features, Full version crack CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key includes a robust suite of advanced tools to take Windows cleaning to the next level.

The Registry Cleaner scans the Windows registry to locate and fix problematic issues that can cause crashes or slow performance. Cleaning the registry improves stability without the risk of accidentally deleting important files.

The integrated Drive Wiper enables you to permanently wipe sensitive files or entire partitions so no one can recover them. You can customize the number of rewrite passes based on your security needs.

Real-Time Monitoring continually tracks changes and activity on your PC like cache and download accumulation. It immediately cleans new junk to avoid build up.

You can also schedule CCleaner to run automatic cleans daily, weekly, or monthly at a time that’s convenient for you. Set it and forget it!

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CCleaner Browser Cleaning

CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key not only cleans up Windows itself, but also includes robust browser cleaning capabilities for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and others.

It wipes browser caches, cookies, and history to protect your privacy by eliminating traces of sites you’ve visited. Autocomplete forms and saved passwords can also be erased for a clean slate.

The tool manages all your browser extensions in one place, letting you easily uninstall ones you don’t need anymore that may be slowing you down. Specific browser features like Flash cookies can also be disabled for optimal security.

Overall, Download free CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key provides the most comprehensive browser cleaning of any PC utility. Keep your browsing speed and privacy in peak condition.

Why Choose CCleaner Professional Over Free?

While the free version of CCleaner offers basic functionality, upgrading to Professional Plus provides numerous additional benefits:

  • Access to advanced features like the registry cleaner, drive wiper, and real-time monitoring
  • Ability to schedule automatic cleans so cleaning is hassle-free
  • Significantly faster scan and clean speeds to save you time
  • Automatic updates to the latest version with new improvements
  • Ad-free experience for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Priority 24/7 technical support in case any issue arises

For frequent computer users that want maximum speed and control over cleaning, Professional is well worth the upgrade over the basic free edition.

Is CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key Safe?

With over 2 billion downloads across consumer and business devices, Free download CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key has an impeccable track record of safety.

Extensive testing is done prior to the release of every new version to guarantee no vital Windows files or settings get accidentally deleted or changed. Users have full control over what gets cleaned.

For registry cleaning, the tool first backs up the registry before making any changes so it can easily be restored. Reviews consistently praise CCleaner’s ability to improve computer health without any negative side effects.

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How to Use CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key

Using Download free CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key is simple and intuitive even for less tech savvy individuals. Here’s an overview of the quick process:

  1. Download from our site and install CCleaner Professional on your Windows PC.

  2. Open the app and check or uncheck boxes to select areas to scan like browsers, Windows, or registries.

  3. Click “Analyze” to detect issues. Then click “Run Cleaner” to tidy up your system.

  4. Schedule automated cleans and tweak other preferences in Settings like drive wiper, updates, etc.

For browser cleaning, open the Browsers section and clean cookies, caches and more for each browser individually. Schedule browser cleans around the same time you close browsers for the day.

CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key will continue working in the background to optimize performance. Check in periodically to analyze and clean again.


CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key is the premium choice for deep cleaning Windows PCs and web browsers safely and efficiently. Beyond basic junk file removal, the advanced features like drive wiper, real-time monitoring, and automatic scheduling take computer cleaning to the next level.

Upgrading from the basic free version is worth it for frequent PC users who want the highest level of speed, privacy protection, and customization. Full version crack CCleaner Professional Plus Serial key is a wise investment that pays for itself in improved computer health and performance. Give your system a much-needed deep clean today!

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