Avast Premium Security Serial key is one of the top antivirus software programs that goes beyond basic protection to secure your devices against a wide range of cyberthreats. This detailed review will cover everything you need to know about Avast Premium Security Full version crack in 2023, including features, pricing, installation, and how it compares to other antivirus software.

What is Avast Premium Security Serial key?

Avast Premium Security Download free is the premium paid version of the popular free Avast Antivirus software. It includes advanced cybersecurity features and additional layers of protection that are not available in the free version.

Key features that Free download Avast Premium Security adds:

  • Real-time protection against malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware
  • Webcam security against peeping toms
  • WiFi inspector scans your network for vulnerabilities
  • Ransomware shields to recover your files
  • Password manager
  • Software updater
  • Sandbox technology
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spam
  • Sensitive data shield
  • Browser clean up

Compared to the free antivirus, the premium version beefs up both online and offline threat detection with enhanced smart scanning, sandbox testing of suspect files, and automatic security updates. It gives you much broader device coverage, more control over your security settings, and added layers of protection for your sensitive data.

Avast Premium Security Serial key

Key Features of Avast Premium Security Serial key

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the standout security features included in Avast Premium Security Serial key:

Malware Protection

Avast uses intelligent antivirus scanning to check for threats in real-time as you access files, websites, and apps. It leverages both signature-based detection of known threats as well as heuristic monitoring that searches for suspicious malware-like behavior.

The premium version improves on malware protection with:

  • Enhanced real-time scanning: More advanced heuristics and machine learning identify brand new threats faster before damage is done. New threats are analyzed in the cloud in real time for a quick response.

  • Behavior shield: Analyzes programs running on your PC looking for suspicious activities that resemble malware. Stops infections earlier in the attack chain.

  • Sandbox technology: Runs unknown and suspicious programs in a secure virtual environment to test for malicious actions instead of on your real system. This protects you from new zero-day threats.

  • Smart scan: Targets scans on the most vulnerable parts of your system to optimize for performance and protection.

  • Automatic sample submission: Automatically sends unknown suspect files to Avast’s labs for analysis to continue improving threat detection.

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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats, encrypting your files until you pay a ransom. Avast Premium Security Download free helps prevent and recover from ransomware attacks.

It uses advanced behavior analysis to detect ransomware actions like rapid encryption of files. Once ransomware is identified, it will stop the threat and reverse the changes.

The premium version also includes ransomware shields you can activate for an added layer of protection on important folders like Documents, Pictures, Videos. The shields will block unauthorized changes to these files.

Webcam Security

Avast Premium Security helps you take control of your webcam privacy. It alerts you when any program tries to access your webcam and lets you block unauthorized access. This prevents peeping toms and spying through your webcam.

You can configure webcam protection in the settings and whitelist only trusted programs you want to provide camera access. Avast’s webcam alert gives you visibility each time another app attempts to use your webcam, so you can block or allow access.

WiFi Security

Public WiFi networks can be ripe for hackers looking to intercept transmitted data. Avast Premium includes a WiFi Inspector that scans your network for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

It checks for risks like unsecured networks, hackers, and devices connected to your network like smart appliances and IPs you don’t recognize. This allows you to identify and resolve security holes in your WiFi network.

Data Protection

Avast’s Sensitive Data Shield aims to keep your private data secure and protected. It encrypts and hides sensitive documents and photos on your PC. This prevents unauthorized access if your device is lost, stolen or gets compromised by malware.

You can add extra layers of protection to your most important data by adding it to the Vault. Avast uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure files added to the Vault. You access the encrypted vault using a password or fingerprint.

Software Updates

Outdated software often harbors security vulnerabilities that malware can exploit. The Software Updater in Avast Premium keeps your third-party programs fully patched and updated by automatically downloading the latest software versions from vendors.

This removes the hassle of manually updating programs and ensures you are always running the most secure software versions possible.


Avast includes an advanced firewall that monitors network traffic on your computer. It uses deep packet inspection to detect suspicious traffic and block cyber attacks.

The firewall provides granular control. You can customize settings and permissions for individual programs and adjust filtering levels. It offers full protection when connected to public WiFi networks.


The premium version applies advanced anti-spam filters to emails and web browsing. It detects and blocks phishing emails, scams, and malicious links.

Suspicious emails are automatically routed to the spam folder. The web shield blocks dangerous websites and lets you know if you visit a malicious page.

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Password Manager

Avast includes a built-in password manager that helps you generate strong, random passwords and remember them securely. You can store logins for all your online accounts in the cloud-based encrypted password vault.

The manager auto fills usernames and passwords when you visit sites and has browser extensions for convenience. You unlock the password vault using a master password or fingerprint login.

Avast Premium Security Pricing and Plans

Avast Premium Security offers flexible pricing options for individuals and families at these price points:

  • 1 device: $59.99 per year
  • 5 devices: $79.99 per year
  • 10 devices: $109.99 per year

There are discounts for your first year of subscription. You can often find Avast promo codes online for additional savings.

Avast is also offered as a monthly subscription at a higher yearly cost:

  • 1 device: $8.99 per month
  • 5 devices: $9.99 per month

Purchasing multiple years upfront comes with higher savings. For example, a 5-device 2-year plan is $109.99 total.

Avast Premium Security can be purchased directly from the Avast website or from third-party retailers like Amazon and Newegg.

Make sure to only download the software from official sources like Avast.com to get the legitimate version and license key.

Many reviewers find Free download Avast Premium Security Serial key well worth the price, especially for the robust protection against ransomware which can cost thousands to repair. The price is competitive compared to other premium antivirus software while offering more security features in one suite.

Is Avast Premium Security Worth It?

So should you upgrade from free to premium Avast security? Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks to help you decide if the premium version is worth the cost for you:


  • Very effective against ransomware attacks
  • Added protection for webcams and home WiFi networks
  • Advanced online/phishing threat detection
  • Password manager provides security for online accounts
  • Software updater keeps all programs patched
  • More control over firewall rules and settings
  • Works faster with less drag on system performance
  • Simple installation and setup process
  • Support for unlimited devices

Potential Cons:

  • Renewal pricing is higher than first year introductory rate
  • Occasional false positives flagging valid programs as malware
  • No protection against identity theft
  • Lacks some advanced features of competitors like Norton

Overall, Avast Premium Security fills an excellent niche for ransomware protection and core security layers beyond antivirus. The price point is affordable compared to alternatives while still providing robust online and offline threat prevention for casual users. It lacks a few advanced features of competitors but makes up for it with powerful ransomware blocking.

Families and non-technical users would benefit most from upgrading to Avast Premium. The security suites simplifies security compared to free antivirus programs while still offering customization options for those that want them.

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How to Use Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security is designed to protect your devices in the background without much effort once configured. But you can take advantage of the full suite of security tools by learning how to use Avast:

Dashboard – This main screen displays your protection status and any security alerts. All essential controls and options are accessible from the intuitive dashboard interface.

Virus Scans – Run smart scans or full system scans on-demand to check for threats. Scans can be customized to target specific folders, drives or threats.

Scan Scheduler – Set up automatic scans on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Schedule boot-time scans to check for threats before Windows loads.

Software Updater – Automatically update outdated programs with the latest security patches. You can also manually update individual apps as needed.

Firewall Rules – Configure custom firewall settings like filtering levels, permissions, and trusted zones for WiFi networks.

Protection Settings – Enable or disable security shields like webcam protection, ransomware shield, browser cleanup, etc. Customize sensitivity levels.

Notifications – Review security alerts, software updates, scan results and other event notifications.

Password Vault – Securely store website logins and other credentials in the encrypted password manager vault.

Reports – View system security reports on threats detected, blocked websites, flagged files, and up-to-date software.

The beauty of Avast Premium is robust security that runs quietly in the background once configured. But you can always open Avast to adjust firewall rules, run scans, and view system security status when needed.

Avast Premium Security Customer Reviews

Avast Premium Security Serial key earns positive feedback from most users. Here are some examples of real customer reviews:

“I’ve used the free Avast for years but finally upgraded to Premium. For less than $100 a year my PCs are now bulletproof against viruses and that pesky ransomware stuff I keep hearing about in the news. Setup was a piece of cake. Now I don’t have to worry or think about security.”

“So far so good after 6 months of Avast Premium. Caught a few suspicious emails that protects my inbox. The password manager is handy for remembering all my complex passwords. Definitely feel like my home network and PCs are more airtight.”

“I switched from AVG to Avast Premium on my new gaming PC. Avast flagged some malware AVG was missing and gives me granular control over which programs can access the web cam and internet, which helps reduce distractions.”

The most common complaints are around renewal pricing being higher than first-year discounts, occasional false positives, and lack of identity theft protection you get with Norton LifeLock.

But most reviewers agree the core antivirus protection and extra features like ransomware blocking offer good value compared to alternatives.

Avast Premium Security vs. Other Antivirus Software

How does Avast Premium Security stack up against competitors like Norton, McAfee, and others? Here’s an overview of how Avast compares:

Norton 360 Deluxe – Norton offers robust online threat protection and identity theft insurance which Avast lacks. But Avast provides better ransomware detection and recovery at a lower price point.

McAfee Total Protection – Similar price range with many overlapping features. Avast rates higher in independent lab testing for malware protection. McAfee has more backup features.

Webroot – Webroot is faster and lighter on system performance but provides less overall protection layers than Avast. It costs more.

AVG Premium – Very similar to Avast Premium as both companies are owned by the same parent, but AVG rates slightly lower in antivirus tests. Avast is cheaper.

Bitdefender – Bitdefender consistently gets top ratings for malware detection but is more expensive and lacks Avast’s emphasis on ransomware security.

Avast Premium Security holds its own against the top competitors, offering robust protection features at a reasonable price. The extra ransomware hardening provides great value for defending against one of the most disruptive modern threats.

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FAQs about Avast Premium Security Serial key

Does Avast premium work on Macs?

No, Avast Premium Security is compatible only with Windows operating systems. Avast does offer separate paid Mac security software called Avast Security for Mac.

What is the cheapest way to get Avast Premium?

You can get the lowest pricing by taking advantage of sales and longer 1-2 year subscriptions rather than monthly plans. Buying from the official Avast store will offer better discounts than retailers.

Is Avast Premium worth it over the free version?

For most home users, the Premium version is worth it for the advanced ransomware protection, webcam security, and firewall control you don’t get with free Avast antivirus. But free can be sufficient for basic antivirus needs.

Does Avast Premium come with a VPN?

No, it does not include a VPN service. You would need to sign up and pay separately for Avast’s SecureLine VPN if you want a VPN along with the antivirus software.

Can you install Avast Premium on multiple computers?

Yes, Avast Premium licenses allow installation on 1, 5, or 10 PCs and Macs depending on the plan purchased. You can download and install it on devices covered by the same license.

Avast Premium Security Serial key


Avast Premium Security Serial key provides robust all-around protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber attacks. It has extensive security layers going beyond basic antivirus to secure your home network, passwords, webcam, and sensitive data.

The premium upgrade adds powerful ransomware blocking and recovery which is extremely valuable in today’s threat landscape.

While not as feature-packed as competitors, Avast Premium Security offers excellent protection at an affordable price. Non-technical users will find it easy to install, configure, and understand. If you want comprehensive security with a focus on ransomware protection, Avast is an excellent choice.

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