Screen recording software allows you to capture video and audio from your computer screen. This has many uses – from creating tutorial videos to recording gameplay and beyond. In this comprehensive review, we’ll be looking at Free download Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key, a powerful yet easy-to-use screen recording program for Windows.


Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key is a feature-rich screen recorder that makes it simple to record smooth, high-quality videos of your screen activity. It’s great for gamers, vloggers, students, teachers, and anyone who wants to create tutorial videos, how-tos, video presentations, and more.

Some of the key features and benefits of Full version crack Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key include:

  • Record Full Screen or Custom Area – Capture your entire screen or select a specific region to record. Useful for focusing on a single app window.

  • Webcam Overlay – Add webcam video as a picture-in-picture overlay. Perfect for voiceover tutorials and reactions.

  • Annotations – Draw lines, add arrows, text boxes and more during or after recording to highlight areas of interest.

  • Click Visualization – Emphasize mouse clicks to showcase UI interactions.

  • Basic Video Editor – Trim clips, stitch multiple clips, add transitions and export in different formats.

  • Audio Capture – Record system and microphone audio. Add music and voiceovers.

  • Format Conversion – Export recordings as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and more for easy sharing.

  • Scheduling – Schedule automated recordings for lectures, meetings, broadcasts etc.

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 works seamlessly on Windows 10, 8, and 7. Next we’ll go over exactly how to use its versatile set of screen recording features.

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Download free Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key

Here’s a quick step-by-step overview of how to use Free download Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key to record your screen:

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Download and Installation

First, Full version crack Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key from our site. The free version functions fully but adds a watermark. Paid plans start at $19.95 for a lifetime license.

Installation takes under a minute. Launch the app when ready to start recording.

Configuring Settings

Upon launch, you can configure video settings like frame rate, resolution, and aspect ratio. For optimal quality, 1920×1080 at 60 FPS is recommended.

Enable microphone and system audio capture if needed. Adjust volume levels accordingly.

Starting a Recording

Click the Record button to begin capturing your screen. You’ll be able to select a fullscreen or custom region to record.

Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R to start/stop recording for convenience.

Recording Webcam and Voiceover

Enable the webcam overlay to add a picture-in-picture webcam feed. Position it anywhere on screen.

Narrate a voiceover with your mic while recording your on-screen actions.

Annotating and Editing

Draw arrows, lines, text boxes, and more during recording using the annotation tools. Or add them post-recording by importing into the video editor.

Trim unwanted sections at the start or end of your clip. Merge multiple clips together.

Exporting and Sharing

When finished, export your recording in MP4, AVI, WMV and other formats.

Share easily with YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, and screen recorder apps like Loom.

Recording Audio

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key makes it easy to capture audio from your computer as well as external microphones:

  • Enable sound capture from your system’s audio output to record application and system sounds.

  • Connect a mic to record voiceovers, vocals, or acoustic instruments as you record the screen.

  • Adjust input levels for your mic or system audio. Enable noise suppression to reduce background noise.

  • Audio is recorded on a separate track from system audio/mic so levels can be adjusted post-recording.

  • Import audio files like music tracks and commentary to overlay on your video.

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Tips for Creating Great Videos

Here are some tips to help you create professional, engaging videos with Download free Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key:

  • For the best quality, record at 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. Higher frame rates result in smoother videos.

  • Get creative with annotations by drawing attention to key UI elements and adding unique callouts.

  • Use click visualization to showcase exactly how you interact with apps by highlighting mouse clicks and movements.

  • Record your webcam Picture-in-Picture to liven up tutorial videos with commentary and reactions.

  • Follow voiceover best practices. Speak clearly at an even pace, reduce filler words like “um”, and eliminate background noise.

  • Before exporting, trim any unnecessary parts and optimize footage for online sharing by compressing file sizes.

Pricing and Plans

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key offers both a free version and paid plans:

  • The free version has all the core recording capabilities but adds a watermark.

  • Pro ($19.95) removes the watermark and adds advanced features like webcam overlay, click visualization, scheduling and more.

  • Pro Plus ($29.95) unlocks additional capabilities like annotations, YouTube integration, video editing, and premium support.

  • Team plans are also available, starting at $9.95 per month per user.

Paid plans are one-time purchases with lifetime access, not subscriptions. You can unlock pro features at any time with an upgrade.

Comparison to Alternatives

How does Free download Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key stack up to other popular screen recorders?

  • It’s not as advanced as Camtasia but much more affordable for basic recording needs.

  • It lacks OBS Studio’s live streaming capabilities but is much simpler to use for quick recordings.

  • It has a smaller feature set compared to ActivePresenter but the interface is less complex.

  • Unlike Screencast-o-Matic, Recordify never adds watermarks to your exported videos with a pro license.

Overall, Recordify hits the sweet spot between an easy learning curve and advanced functionality. The straightforward interface and intuitive workflow make it accessible for beginners, while robust features satisfy power users.

Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key


Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one screen recorder and basic video editor for Windows. It makes recording smooth, high-quality screen captures easy while also empowering you to edit, annotate and share videos with its built-in tools.

From gamers wanting to record playthroughs, to vloggers creating video tutorials, Recordify is versatile enough to handle a wide range of recording needs for casual and pro users alike. And it comes at a very affordable price, especially compared to premium tools like Camtasia.

Thanks to its thoughtful feature set, intuitive interface, and great usability, Download free Abelssoft Recordify 2022 Serial key earns our strong recommendation.

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