TickTick Premium Activation key is one of the most popular and powerful to-do list apps available. It offers robust task management with plenty of features even in the free version. However, TickTick also offers a Premium version that unlocks even more advanced functionality.

What is TickTick Premium Activation key?

TickTick Premium Full version crack is the paid version of the TickTick to-do list app. It builds on the free features by providing access to advanced task management tools.

With Download free TickTick Premium you get unlimited use with no caps on tasks, lists, reminders or uploads. Premium also unlocks cosmetic enhancements like themes, as well as productivity features like calendars, trends and charts. Collaboration is also easier with delegation and priority support in the Premium version.

Some of the key features exclusive to TickTick Premium Activation key include:

  • Unlimited tasks and list items
  • Custom themes and colors
  • Multiple calendar and timeline views
  • Recurring tasks with custom schedules
  • Advanced filter and sort options
  • Custom tags and fields for tasks
  • Productivity trends, charts and statistics
  • 250MB attachment limit for files
  • Task delegation and collaboration
  • Focus mode to minimize distractions
  • Offline access to tasks

The Premium features allow power users to customize TickTick to their exact needs and work style. The unlimited structure and priority features make TickTick Premium especially useful for teams. Read on to learn more about how to use TickTick Premium effectively.

Ticktick Premium Activation key

How Much Does TickTick Premium Cost?

TickTick offers Premium on a monthly or discounted annual subscription basis. Here are the current pricing options:

  • Monthly: $2.79/month for Personal, $5.99/month for Team
  • Annually: $27.99/year for Personal, $59.99/year for Team

The Personal plan allows unlimited use by a single user. The Team plan supports unlimited users with all Premium features.

There is also a free 14 day trial available so you can test out Premium before committing. Student discounts are also offered making Premium just $1.79/month.

Overall, TickTick Premium is very affordable, especially compared to competing apps. The unlimited structure and features make the low pricing worthwhile for personal use or teams.

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Is TickTick Premium Worth It?

Whether TickTick Premium Activation key is worth it depends on your usage and needs:


  • Unlocks unlimited tasks and lists
  • Additional productivity features like calendars and trends
  • Customizable themes and colors
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities
  • More attachments and offline access


  • Free version may be enough for basic usage
  • iOS widgets only available in Premium
  • Some features like trends are not optimized yet

Here are some scenarios where upgrading to Premium is most beneficial:

  • You deal with large projects and need unlimited hierarchy.
  • You want to track habits and productivity trends over time.
  • You have a team that needs shared lists and task assignments.
  • You want a customized experience with themes and colors.

For individual users who just need basic task tracking, the free version may suffice. But the extras in Premium can be well worth it for power users.

Getting Started with TickTick Premium Activation key

Signing up for TickTick Premium is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to get started:

Signing Up for TickTick Premium

  1. Open the TickTick app or go to ticktick.com.
  2. Click on “Upgrade” and select a Premium plan.
  3. Enter your payment details to purchase the plan.
  4. You will now have full access to all Premium features.

You also have the option to try Premium free for 14 days before purchasing. This is a great way to experience the benefits firsthand.

Activating Premium on iOS and Android

The Premium upgrade is account-wide and syncs across devices. Enable it on mobile apps:

  • iOS: Go to Settings > Subscription in the TickTick app.
  • Android: Tap Menu > Settings > Upgrade in the TickTick app.

Once purchased on one platform, Premium will automatically enable across your other devices logged into the same account.

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Using Premium Features

After upgrading, you can immediately access and use all of the Premium features. Some highlights include:

  • Adding unlimited tasks and nested lists
  • Customizing themes under Settings
  • Viewing multiple calendars and timelines
  • Setting up recurring tasks
  • Collaborating with task assignments
  • Using Focus mode for distraction-free work

Take some time to explore all of the new possibilities with a Premium membership. The features are designed to expand upon the core functionality that makes TickTick such an effective to-do app.

Tips for Using TickTick Premium

Here are some tips to maximize productivity with a TickTick Premium membership:

Tips for Being More Productive With TickTick Premium

  • Use productivity charts to analyze trends and set measurable goals.
  • Schedule reminders for recurring tasks so they never slip through the cracks.
  • Organize complex projects into nested lists with unlimited hierarchy.
  • Assign tasks to team members to clarify responsibilities.
  • Reduce distractions by using Focus mode when completing important tasks.

Setting Up TickTick Premium for Team Collaboration

  • Create shared team folders for assigning tasks.
  • Set notifications so assignees are notified on task changes.
  • Use comments to discuss tasks with assignees and stakeholders.
  • Get instant visibility into what team members are working on.
  • Track task progress and productivity levels across the team.

Customizing TickTick Premium for Personal Productivity

  • Set up multiple customizable themes for different purposes.
  • Add custom fields and tags to tasks to match your workflow.
  • Build custom calendars tailored to your projects and goals.
  • Use list sorting to prioritize tasks that matter most.
  • Setup recurring tasks for habits you want to build.
Ticktick Premium Activation key


TickTick Premium Activation key unlocks unlimited flexibility to manage tasks, projects, and goals. The expanded features empower users to customize TickTick to their needs for maximum productivity.

For power users who hit limits in the free version, Premium offers the hierarchy, customization, and collaboration required to hit peak productivity. The affordable pricing tiers make it easy to unlock these benefits for individuals or teams.

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