Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key is an all-in-one iOS device management tool that provides a wide range of capabilities for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Developed by Isunshare, a leading creator of iOS utilities, Idevice Genius aims to make managing iOS devices easier.

Key Features and Capabilities of Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key

Isunshare Idevice Genius Full version crack packs numerous powerful utilities into one convenient program. Here are some of the main capabilities:

  • Media Management: Easily import, export, organize, preview and delete photos, music, videos and ebooks on your iOS device. No need for iTunes.
  • App Management: Install, uninstall, reinstall, backup and transfer app data. Download free apps directly from the App Store.
  • Data Transfer: Quickly move files, contacts, messages, notes and other data between iOS devices or to your computer.
  • Backup & Restore: Selectively backup important iOS data and restore it easily. Backups can be encrypted and saved locally or externally.
  • Repair iOS: Fix common iOS issues like crashes, freezes, boot loops and recover disabled devices.
  • Jailbreak: Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to unlock more functionality. Safely revert the jailbreak.
  • Ad Blocking: Block intrusive ads on iOS apps for an uninterrupted ad-free experience.

With this wide range of utilities, Free download Isunshare Idevice Genius aims to provide full control over iOS device management in one place.

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key

Managing Photos and Videos

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key makes it easy to import, export and organize your iOS photos and videos.

You can preview photos stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and efficiently delete unwanted ones. When importing images from the iOS device to your computer, you have the option to create subfolders by date which keeps your library neatly organized by event.

The media management functionality also lets you create albums on your device and add photos to them for easy categorization. No need to use iTunes just for photo management!

Key Features:

  • Import/export photos and videos
  • Preview and delete photos
  • Organize into albums
  • Create date-wise subfolders

Whether you need to quickly transfer vacation photos to your computer or remove blurry pics from your iPad, Isunshare Idevice Genius has you covered.

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Transferring Data Between iOS Devices

Moving data between iOS devices can be a hassle without the right software. Isunshare Idevice Genius simplifies transfers between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in just a few clicks.

You can transfer a wide range of data types like contacts, text messages, call history, notes, voicemail, voice memos, safari bookmarks and even WhatsApp chats. Media files and documents can also be easily transferred.

The transfers are encrypted end-to-end for security. You have the choice to transfer data from one iOS device to another directly without a computer in between.

Benefits of iOS data transfer features:

  • No need for iTunes to manage data
  • Encrypted end-to-end
  • Direct device-to-device transfer option
  • Wide range of data types supported

With Free download Isunshare Idevice Genius, you no longer need multiple apps or iTunes just to move data between your iOS devices.

Backing Up and Restoring iOS Data

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key lets you selectively backup important iOS data to your computer or external hard drive. You can encrypt these backups for added security.

The backup wizard allows you to choose what data types to include in the backup like photos, contacts, messages, app data and more. You can also backup data from third party apps like WhatsApp.

Restoring data from a backup to the same device or a new device is straightforward. Your device data stays protected from loss or mishaps.

Benefits of backup & restore features:

  • Selective backup of data
  • Local and external backup options
  • Encryption of backups
  • Restore data easily from backup
  • Third party app data supported

With granular backups and easy restore capabilities, you have complete control over your iOS data.

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Repairing iOS Issues

Isunshare Idevice Genius is equipped with a full set of tools to fix various iOS system issues.

It can resolve common problems like iPhone frozen on Apple logo, random reboots, iOS crashes, being stuck in recovery mode. The repair function troubleshoots issues due to jailbreaking or improper firmware upgrades as well.

You can use Full version crack Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key to reboot frozen devices, exit recovery mode, re-enable disabled devices and resolve more stubborn system errors. Experienced iOS users can even repair iOS system files and kernels using the tool.

Key highlights of iOS repair features:

  • Fix frozen devices
  • Resolve recovery mode issues
  • Troubleshoot crashes and boot loops
  • Re-enable disabled devices
  • Advanced system file repair (for experienced users)

With the repair tools, you can swiftly troubleshoot iOS issues and get your device functioning normally again.

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Managing Apps

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key allows you to take full control over the apps on your iOS device with the following features:

Install, uninstall and reinstall apps – Add new apps from the App Store or upload your own IPA files. Uninstall unwanted apps to free up space. Reinstall any app with ease.

Transfer app data – Before uninstalling an app, you can export its data to your computer so you don’t lose your app content and settings. Import data when reinstalling the app.

Batch backup all app data – Backup data from all apps in bulk before performing a firmware restore. Restore backed up app data to quickly get your device back up and running.

Download free apps – Discover and download great free apps directly from the App Store without using iTunes.

With robust app management capabilities, you’ll never again lose app data due to reinstalls or firmware updates.

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Jailbreaking iOS Devices

For advanced iOS users, Isunshare Idevice Genius allows you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to unlock more functionality.

Jailbreaking removes restrictions put in place by Apple and allows root access to the iOS file system along with extensive customization options.

Isunshare Idevice Genius lets you jailbreak devices running older iOS versions as well as the latest ones. You can easily revert the jailbreak anytime by rebooting your device.

Key aspects of the jailbreak feature:

  • Jailbreak wide range of iOS versions
  • Straightforward jailbreaking process
  • Option to safely revert jailbreak

While jailbreaking does involve some risks, Isunshare Idevice Genius aims to make the process as seamless as possible.

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Blocking Ads on iOS Apps

One of the lesser known features of Isunshare Idevice Genius Free download is the ability to block ads across iOS apps.

You can remove pesky banner, full screen and pop-up ads from free apps for an uninterrupted experience. The ad blocking works by modifying the system host file.

Key benefits of ad blocking:

  • Remove annoying in-app ads
  • Works on all ad-supported apps
  • Doesn’t affect app functionality

Say goodbye to irritating ads cluttering up your apps and enjoy ad-free iOS app usage.

Isunshare Idevice Genius Compatibility

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models currently using iOS 4 to the latest iOS version.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers so you can manage your iOS device seamlessly between systems.

Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key


In summary, Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key packs an impressive collection of iOS device management features into one comprehensive tool.

It enables you to handle media files, apps, data, backups, jailbreaking, repairs, ad blocking and more with just one program.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and want to take full control, Full version crack Isunshare Idevice Genius Serial key is the complete iOS solution you need.

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